Footwear business constantly evolves, everyday new textures are discovered, new trends and brands come along. was borned in 2010 with the goal of contributing something new to footwear business, but with the wishes of achieving the confidence of whom, in the end, will become his best friend, the costumer.

Toni Peláez, founder and responsible of the brand design, realized at the end of the 20th century first decade that, every year, women of his acquaintance had the same problem: her favourite shoes or sandals were uncomfortable and those who were comfortable were not to their liking, for this reason they ended up wearing the most comfortable from previous seasons. Back then saw the light, with the purpose of providing easier seasonal changes for everyone and putting efforts on the consumer habits and purchase modes analysis. shoes and sandals are the fusion of handcrafted elaboration, best Spanish shoes and sandals manufacturers, comfort and the confidence acquired with the best quality components, well proven materials and the most contemporary accessories.

In we develop a comfortable footwear, universal and superior quality, but the added value of the brand stays in the great variety of accessories that we offer and the range of combinations that can be created: FOR EVERY MOMENT A CLEEKISS. has always looked after that this revolution in the footwear world does not result in a complicated task, therefore all shoe models can be easily and intuitively modified with different accessories, EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO CLICK, EVERYONE MOUNTS CLEEKISS. wishes that every costumer express her personality, that everyone enjoys fashion its way.